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Quadrodesic – Live Audio & Visual Performance

Quadrodesic – Live Audio & Visual Performance

Quadradesic – Live Audio-Visual Performance

Recording of the premiere of the latest live audio-visual performance Quadradesic of Akkor. Created with the collaboration of Uygar Demoğlu, Uğur Cinel, Mert Karaçıkay, Yaren Eren Budak, and Kemal Cankaya, Quadradesic is a multidisciplinary live audiovisual performance that features multi-channel audio, video installation, interactive light performance, and a stage design specific for the venue. While the sound-world surrounds the audience, the audience surrounds the stage of Quadradesic, a performance that encourages the audience to move and explore different aspects of sound and visual.

Ekran Resmi 2021-12-13 23.22.07

Producer: Üstün Lütfi Yıldırım
Visual Director: Uygar Demoğlu
Electric-cello: Yaren Eren Budak
Stage Design: Uğur Cinel
Stage Design, Technical Advisor: Mert Karaçıkay
Tonmeister, Technical Advisor: Kemal Cankaya
Video recording – editing: Tridea Productions


Thanks to Istanbul Technical University Centre for Advanced Studies in Music, Babylon Istanbul, Pozitif, Tridea Productions, and Red Bull Turkey.

Ekran Resmi 2021-12-13 23.22.07